Are you looking for a reliable and professional agent in China?

Welcome to Yiwu Blue Sky ! We are a family run business, residing in the UK for a number of years and now China based, so very well cultured! As a company we have 13 years experience in globally sourcing and shipping products to the highest standards. We praise ourselves upon the core values of being:

transparent, honest, trustworthy and personable.

These core values can be seen through every touch point you as a customer will engage with us through.

The company was first registered in 2009.

A company wide objective is now to expand our services to offer them across the globe, while upholding our core values in order to make sure all experiences are positive.

We want you to be able to have a real conversation with us – so please if you have any questions or are finding it hard to source any type of product please do get in touch, we would be more than happy to help you!


The values we live by

Get in contact with us

We have a range of different contact methods so please do get in touch.

We will locate

Source or manufacture products to your requirements supplied.

We will work out

What services best suit your needs.

Once a product has been sourced

We require 30% upfront payment as a deposit on the total order amount.

We will then facilitate getting

the product ready for shipping to your required location.

Once the shipment is ready to go

We require the outstanding balance to be paid.

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